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Website content writing

We specialise in web design at Pegu and provide a unique service that’s tailored for your needs. Some people prefer to design their own websites though and they get the simplest of details wrong. If you are building a website from scratch include the items in this blog and it’ll be a great starting point.

A nice welcome

Introduce your company to the online community, tell people who you are, what you do and why they should use your business in the future. Welcome customers with open arms, grab their attention from the beginning with a home page that has them hankering for more.

A bit about ‘you’

People are naturally curious and they like to know who they are doing business with. So give them a bit of background about you and your company, tell them the origins of the business and break down barriers this way.


A frequently asked questions page is a useful tool for a website. This is the information section where customers find simple answers to common questions such as how much is delivery, how do I make a return, what are your opening times etc.

Contact details

Customers need to be able to contact your business otherwise how can they buy things from you or speak to you about products? Provide details like your physical location (display a map), address, phone number and email address.


List down all the credentials you can about your company. This includes training awards, professional qualifications, certification from trade associations and any other details that promote your business in a positive light.

Customer testimonials

Positive feedback from customers is great, put this on your website and show others what people are saying about your business.

Social media links

Links to Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms are essential in the modern business world.


Connect with your customers using ‘blogging’ tools. Post recent news releases, handy guides and blogs that are informative for your clients. Blogs are practical and they’re fun to read, you’re reading one right now!

These are just some of the basics to include on your website, for extra details please feel free to contact Pegu Design for plenty of practical advice.


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