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Advantages of online advertising

Once upon a time the only way to get your business name out there was through mail advertising, splashing your name in the local paper and heading out talking to people. Crazy isn’t it?

Now, thanks to the internet communication is instant. You can immediately reach your target audience with your message.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest advantages of online advertising is that, compared to its offline counterpart, it’s significantly cheaper.

Outdoor advertising such as billboards and posters are out of reach for many small to medium sized businesses. Advertisements on blogs and social media sites however, are much more affordable. This means that businesses with a smaller budget can reach their target audience easier.


Because the advertising is online it’s possible to collect detailed information about the impact your advertisement is having.

How many people are clicking on it? Of those people, how many are spending money with you? Using this data you can then alter and tailor your advertisement to focus on the people who are clicking on your link.

Offline advertising doesn’t provide anywhere near as much collectable, useful information.


The beauty of online advertising is that it can incorporate many different medias.

For example, if you were advertising a product that required visual information, a video could be used.

This kind of adaptability doesn’t exist in print and offline advertising to the same effect. The only way you could show off your product is to take it to a conference which has a narrower audience.


If you were to purchase an advertisement in say, a newspaper you would have to write, edit and produce the ad and then wait for its approval. Once it’s approved you then have to wait for the newspaper to hit the print. A long process for one advert that may not work.

With online advertising once the advert copy has been written it can be uploaded immediately and if you need to make alterations, you can without delay.


Lastly, and probably most obviously is the fact that online advertising allows you to reach a huge audience. There are countless millions of people on the web at one time. That’s a lot of people you could potentially advertise to.

So the next time you’re thinking about advertising a product or your business, don’t bother with ‘traditional’ print. Go online and start enjoying the benefits that it brings today!

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